Crock-Pot Incredibly Easy Recipes Review

Crock-Pot Incredibly Easy Recipes
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This is the cookbook that started my love affair with the crock pot. There are several chapters in this book that are really useful for saving time and money (especially for me, a graduate student), including the "one-step" dishes (where you just throw everything into the crock pot and turn it on) and the "4-ingredients or less" dishes. My brother first gave me this cookbook for Christmas when I was doing my Master's, and when I got back to school from visiting my family, the first thing I made was orange chicken from this book, a recipe that my fiance affectionately calls "soda chicken" because the only ingredients are orange soda, soy sauce, and chicken. That's *really* good for those of us on a budget. What I especially love about this book is that it includes images. Now, granted, the images often look nothing like the food that comes out of the crock pot (and seriously, often look like there's no way that someone made them in a crock pot), but it's fun to compare what you've made to what it looks like. There is a wide variety of recipes in this book, but it's short enough that I've now gotten to the point that I've almost made all of them! It also started my blogging about slow cooking, where I rate specific recipes from this and other slow cooker cookbooks (see my profile for more info).

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You already know that you can use your Crock-Pot slow cooker to make great meals for your family, and this cookbook will show you how incredibly easy slow cooking in a Crock-Pot can be. From delicious dishes made with just 4 ingredients to flavorful classics that you can make in one step, you ll find more than 90 recipes that make using your Crock-Pot slow cooker the easiest part of your day.With this cookbook s one-step recipes for easy dinnertime favorites, cooking couldn t be any simpler: just add all the ingredients, cook, and serve. If your pantry is bare, you can still prepare a healthy meal with Crock-Pot recipes that require only 4 ingredients or less. Making comfort foods is more popular now than ever, but it doesn t have to be complicated. With these recipes, you can put together satisfying, healthy family meals in just a few simple steps.Easy entertaining recipes let you spend more time with your guests while your Crock-Pot does the work. Plus, the Crock-Pot Incredibly Easy Recipes cookbook provides helpful slow cooking hints and tips on adding ingredients, cooking temperatures, safety, and cooking large quantities. Even inexperienced cooks can easily whip up delectable meals. Here are some of the tasty recipes you will find in this practical, spiral-bound cookbook: Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole Hungarian Lamb Goulash Glazed Pork Loin Hearty Chicken Chili Asian Beef with Broccoli

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